How to install IPTV on XBOX ONE/PC?

Download MyIPTV through Windows/Microsoft Store

Step 1 – Download & Install MyIPTV Player on your Xbox One.
Step 2 – Click “Settings” 
Step 3: Click on “Add new playlist and EPG source”
Step 4: Input the Service URL under “Remote Channel List”
Name = SentientTV

Use the Channel List URL provided to you during your signup. – URL #1

Step 5: Click “Add Remote List” above
Use the Channel List URL provided to you during your signup. – URL #1

Step 6: Add “Program Guide (EPG)” / TV Guide

Step 7: Click “Add EPG Source” above.
Step 8: Press “BACK” to go back to the settings
Step 9: Make sure Sentient is selected under Channel List & Select EPG Source
Press “Refresh” on both Channel List & Select EPG Source
Step 10: Once you hit Refresh EPG, you will see EPG Loaded 
Step 11: Scroll Down Under Settings and Turn ON the following toggles:
**** Default Channel Group = Sentient
**** Refresh Remote Channel List on App Launch (Turn On)
**** Download EPG when no Data available on current date (Turn On)
Step 12: Final Step. Go back to “Channels” Tab and select the category to enjoy channels. Note: MyIPTV lists everything in Alphabetical Order. Look for categories like “English” “UK” “Sports” etc to find appropriate channels

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