How to use Formuler & Dreamlink Boxes.

MYTVOnline  MAG Portal Method 


Portal Nick Name : (anything) : myTV

Portal URL :






Portal Nickname (example): mySportz

Portal URL: ""

Is the login required?: yes, please activate.

Username: your username from email 

Password: your password  from email 



IPTV on formulerz1

Step 2:  Now click on "Edit Service" and then click "Edit".

Note: Be sure you register with your right ID Address (Do not use the MAC address). You can check important tip for more information.
Please note, this mac address must be given to your IPTV provider.
Add the ID as MAG and use MAG portal.

IPTV on formulerz1

Step 3: Enter "Service Nickname" (Example: myIPTV) and click on "OK".

formulerz1 iptv guide

Step 4: Enter IPTV Server URL ( you get from your US and click on "OK". You can ask for portal URL from your IPTV service provider.

formulerz1 portal address

Step 5: Enter Username and Password is NOT necessary.

formulerz1 iptv guide

Step 6: Click on "OK" and proceed to the next step. Please note, this might take a little time.

IPTV guide on formulerz1

Step 7: Connecting to IPTV Server (with your registered data) is in progress now.

IPTV guide on formulerz1

Step 8: Successful Connection! You receive all channels associated with your account.

IPTV guide on formulerz1

Now Everything is ready and you can start watching Live TV.


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